A trader like you deserves to be funded.

Prove your market magic and enjoy comprehensive funding on your road to trading mastery with Index Fundings.

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The game-changing prop firm that puts traders first.

Index Fundings has one mission - to help you grow your wealth.

Trade Your Style

Whether you copy trade, use an EA, scalp, or trade the news, we want you to profit using your preferred trading method.

High-Profit Split

Collect up to 85% of the profits. You earned it, so we want you to have it!

No Time Limits.

Trade at your own pace. Get your account funded in one day, one month, or one year - whatever works best for you.

1-step Evaluation

Our evaluation process is fair and simple. We want you to pass!

Refundable Evaluation Fee

Once you receive your funded account and request your first payout, Index Fundings will refund your entire evaluation fee.

Quick Payouts

Request your first payout after 7 days, then every 14 days. 

Trustpilot 5-Star Reviews

Nice customer service

"...I love the fact that they allow you to take your time and not rush the challenges. I just check the amount of days I have to complete my phase two challenge and it’s 60 days!!!... Even if I don’t win the challenges I will continue to use this platform."

Dimitry - USA

Fair and cheap spreads

"...Orders get executed very fast and their customer support - if you have any questions or need any help - is outstanding good. To be honest, you feel that they are your partner and not against you as other providers are and they really put you first-it's not just an advertising slogan..."

Carsten - Germany

The best customer service ever

"The best customer service ever experienced. And above all, the best and most affordable funded deals on the planet with exceptional trading rules you wouldn't find anywhere, not even on Wall Street. Index Fundings... Traders First!"

David - Great Britain

Great company to work with

"Great company to work with, easy to join and get started.. simple rules to follow. Great experience."

Stephen - Great Britain

Well Done Index Fundings

"...I would rate the customer services at 150%!! Well done on that personal touch. I received my log in credentials immediately after my purchase - no waiting. I am still in my evaluation but so far all good. I would definitely recommend Index Fundings!"

Geunae - South Africa
"Index Fundings indeed offers exceptional attention to traders and I received my funded account within the day of passing their one step evaluation. Their distinction is also allowing more freedom in trading - no stoploss requirement, news trading restriction, weekend trading is allowed, plus also no limits to lot size restriction apart from available margin."
Scalper432 on Twitter
How it works

The market’s simplest evaluation process

To access our Funded Accounts, all you need to do is pass our straightforward trader evaluation. We’ve made this process as simple, transparent, and favorable as possible for our traders. Since Index Fundings bears total loss risk for its funded accounts, it’s important that we verify you are in fact a talented trader deserving of capitalization.
Your success is our success! Once you pass our straightforward evaluation, we’re delighted to reward your talent with a higher profit split than the industry standard.

Traders Profiles

Trader Image

Win Rate: 10%

Profit Share: 10%

Wins: 867

Losses: 11

Trader Image

Win Rate: 10%

Profit Share: 10%

Wins: 569

Losses: 1

Trader Image
Julyia kirkland

Win Rate: 40%

Profit Share: 10%

Wins: 128

Losses: 1

Trader Image

Win Rate: 10%

Profit Share: 10%

Wins: 412

Losses: 1

Trader Image
Frederick Glenn

Win Rate: 10%

Profit Share: 10%

Wins: 235

Losses: 1

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The Peak of Prop-firm Customer Care

Our expert customer success technicians are on call to support you, every step of your trading journey. We’re here to help you win.

The Peak of Prop-firm 
Customer Care

Our expert customer success technicians are on call to support you, every step of your trading journey. We’re here to help you win.
Index Fundings is a proprietary trading platform that supports highly skilled yet undercapitalized traders in growing their wealth.
We provide expansive funded accounts to traders who demonstrate advanced currency-trading acumen, equipping them with a comprehensive trading toolkit, world-class support, and market-leading profit split - as well as welcoming them into our elite global community.

Index Fundings is the next-generation prop firm powering the profits of traders worldwide.
Pass the prop firm evaluation with this super practical E-Book!
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Index Fundings PIPS Values
Your performance is our priority. We accommodate all trading styles and strategies because we respect your craft and want you to succeed. To ensure you do, we'll give you access to every analytical tool, training resource, and competitive edge at our disposal.
We run a straightforward, entirely transparent operation. With simple program rules and timely payouts, you’re free to elevate your trading with confidence that you’ve chosen an honest partner.
If you’re trading for us, we consider you a full team member. Our highly competitive profit split ensures you retain a huge percentage of the money you make and demonstrates how much we value your partnership. By placing our capital in your hands, we are giving you our total trust in your capabilities.
When it comes to ensuring our traders enjoy a positive, profitable experience on our platform, we’ll never compromise. Every funded trader receives a dedicated support provider who’s on hand 24/7 to field any questions, needs, or requests you may have.
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